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Integration of connectivity for electronics

This case conducts R&D with the objective of integrating connectivity and functionalities for a family of Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS type devices. A Wi-Fi connectivity module was integrated to the basic control unit of the device. Embedded software was developed to control the communication and flow of logical commands. An app for smartphones and tablets […]

Integration of court document systems

The purpose of this project is to integrate different systems for managing court documents, automating their handling in higher courts, thus reducing time of deliberations and operating costs. As a proof of concept, it will also assess the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to evaluate analyses of admissibility of lawsuits. 

Millennium gymkhana

The Millennium GYMKHANA was a cultural and educational action for supporting digital and social inclusion related to sustainability and the eight millennium objectives proposed by the United Nations. By participating in the gymkhana, students and teachers in a school system could learn about the issue of sustainability, its local challenges, and global solutions, by participating […]

Mobile control for industrial drives

This project involved R&D to develop a mobile app in the context of Industry 4.0 solutions. It allows the configuration, operation and remote monitoring of frequency invertors and soft starter drives for motors for industrial applications. Since they are large scale equipment that work at high voltage, they are most often located in secured spaces […]

Reverse sales machine

Participation in the R&D of prototyping of a Reverse Sales Machine to collect beverage containers that will be sent for recycling. The user interface was developed, as well as the method for managing the incentive credits given to users and the communication layer with CLP.

Portal for promotion of an initiative in electrical mobility

Sapientia conceived and implemented a portal to promote an initiative for electrical mobility. The project encompassed the conception and visual identity, a content management tool, metrics for executing the program, and promotion of the location of the electric vehicle charging stations to support the promotion and increase social engagement with the initiative.  

Speaking of well being

This project involved virtualization of the game Health Defenders, which is an integral part of the Simplyhealthy@Schools program, a global initiative based on private social investment that uses the action of corporate volunteers as a tool to engage the internal public of sponsoring companies. This project supports initiatives for corporate sustainability and materializes the mission […]

Dynamic fleet dispatching

This case involved R&D of a communication solution to improve and reduce waiting time and movement of harvest vehicles, through applications installed in a tablet type mobile device that allow an operator with an “Awaiting Dispatch” status to visually find the location and direction of the vehicle solicited. 

Immunological multi test for field diagnosis

This is an application for use in smartphones that is integrated in a system that diagnoses certain diseases using blood samples. The software uses cell phone cameras to capture images from a cartridge containing a blood sample in reagents to apply computer vision algorithms that infer the rest results.

Services Operations Center

This case involved executing R&D for a software platform for remote monitoring and diagnosis of electrical-medical equipment. The system also allows tracking technical services staff in the field to improve service, establishing priorities based on criteria that are given parameters in the system, which reduces the costs for services, decreases the time of inactivity of […]