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    Technological Development




    We are a technology development institute linked to an ecosystem of innovation. We have our own technical staff to allow us to develop innovative projects, conduct company acceleration, prototyping of pilot-lots and promote innovative entrepreneurship. 


    Aligned to our social objectives and sustainability strategy, Sapientia has shareholder participation in the following companies that are dedicated to promoting the development of the ecosystem of innovation: Darwin Starter Investimentos S.A., CVentures Empreendimentos Inovadores e Participações S.A. and Produza Indústria, Comércio e Serviços em Eletrônica S.A.

    Digital Transformation

    We bring together technical knowledge and work methods for digital transformation of processes, companies, and institutions.

    Energy and Sustainability

    We work for innovation in the electrical sector through projects in the field of distributed generation, energy traceability, electrical mobility, virtual power plants, smart grids and microgrids.

    Innovative and Impact Entrepreneurship

    As a technology supplier, Sapientia is responsible for the personalization, operation and evolution of a platform that administers the cycle of evaluation of proponents, implementing the negotiating rules for programs to encourage entrepreneurship

    Program and Project Management

    We apply methodologies, tools, and infrastructure, allied to a highly effective staff to conduct research and development activities for digital transformation.


    About Some of Our Projects

    Speaking of well being

    This project involved virtualization of the game Health Defenders, which is an integral part of the Simplyhealthy@Schools program, a global initiative based on private social investment that uses the action


    Dynamic fleet dispatching

    This case involved R&D of a communication solution to improve and reduce waiting time and movement of harvest vehicles, through applications installed in a tablet type mobile device that allow



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