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    Millennium gymkhana

    The Millennium GYMKHANA was a cultural and educational action for supporting digital and social inclusion related to sustainability and the eight millennium objectives proposed by the United Nations. By participating in the gymkhana, students and teachers in a school system could learn about the issue of sustainability, its local challenges, and global solutions, by participating in a series of activities and interactive contents. They also received stimulus and technical support to organize projects and constructively intervene in the socio-environmental reality of their region. The gymkhanas were conducted between 2006 and 2010. The total public attended reached nearly 10 thousand participants, from three metropolitan regions, 33 municipalities, and 83 public schools. 

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    Services Operations Center

    This case involved executing R&D for a software platform for remote monitoring and diagnosis of electrical-medical equipment. The system also allows tracking technical services staff


    Speaking of well being

    This project involved virtualization of the game Health Defenders, which is an integral part of the Simplyhealthy@Schools program, a global initiative based on private social